From the back cover:


Janasland is a science fiction novel about a

young couple who lives in a wilderness hideaway.  They were very content there until the

wife went to the City to buy a gift.

After not returning by the time she

had indicated in the note she left for her

husband, he becomes very concerned for her.

That is when he decides to go to

the City and look for her.

This decision both saves their lives,

and alters them forever.


Once he gets to the City, he finds that it's

a walled, prison city, built by evil beings

from another world.

Now published and available for sale!

Janasland, the new science-fiction tale by Ken Harrelson, is out now.  Be sure to get your copy!  To order it, go to

Janasland, by Ken Harrelson

ISBN:  1-60672-858-X

173 pages

Price:  $19.95

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     I knew there was no turning back now. I must walk through the field of flowers to get there.

     But that did not seem so bad, the lovely fragrance drenched the night air, and the farther I walked into the sea of white flowers the more overwhelming the aroma became. They cast into the night air an odor that I begin to have sensations that sometime, someplace, in my past I remembered this lovely, and even heavenly aroma. And suddenly, like a bolt of lighting out of the black night sky it hit me this is the same smell I had experienced a hundred times before. The same aroma that filled our cabin when my wife brought a bouquet of her white flowers in from her flower garden, back in our wilderness hideaway.

     But, how could this be? We had never been here so how could she have these flowers at home. Then I recalled something Gramps had told me about the four that had left The City long ago. I also remembered my wife could not remember where she had gotten the seeds that she had planted in her garden. She had told me, she had them in a little container for as long as she could remember, even when she was a little girl. I had never thought very much about this until tonight. Is she? Or could she be one of the off springs of one of the couples that left The City long ago, and could I maybe be the other one that will free The City? That would be so great to free my friends, and all the children and make The City a place of freedom, and love again.

     As I walked deeper, and deeper, into the field of flowers I noticed that the sticks and the small stones were getting thicker. I had noticed them for some time now, but I thought very little about them until now. Because, I was so engulfed in memories of our happy life together in the woods. I was so happy walking through these flowers, for they reminded me of her and her little flower garden. Oh, how much she loved it and took care of it, as if it were her children. Then I realized, the flowers---were our children-- we never had. She loved her flowers as her children and I loved her for she was my flower, my life, and my dreams. Without her, there was no life, or dreams, she was the only world that I had ever known, a world of beauty, peace, love, and freedom. And then, I knew she was the special one Gramps had told me about and I could only hope that I was the other.

The sticks and stones are becoming so frequent now. I can barely take a step without tripping over them or hitting a stone with my feet. It is getting harder with every step as I move forward through the field of flowers.

     Then suddenly I trip, and fall, face down among the flowers. They are completely above my head as I get up into a sitting position among the lovely white flowers. And while sitting there with the overwhelming aroma of their scent I decided to do something setting alone in the darkness, something that I had been thinking about doing as I had been walking through the field. Now, would be as good of a time as any. I had been thinking of lighting a match, and look at these flowers, so I could see if they looked like the ones my wife had raised in her garden.

     But I was afraid to strike a match, just in case someone were looking they might see it then they would know that I was there. But since I am down here this would be a good time to look and maybe no one would see the light of the match, especially if I looked quickly and then blew the match out.

     Maybe I could chance it? I had to know, my curiosity must be satisfied, and now was the time. As I struck the match, its illuminating effect burst forth in the darkness of where I sat like an exploding sun.

     I then saw the lovely white flowers for the first time in the light of the match.

     They just as I had thought, were just like my wife's flowers, only much larger, they looked like large silky balls of cotton. I gazed on their beauty, until my match burned down, and I had to blow it out before it burned my fingers.

     They were so lovely I must have another look. Just as I struck the second match, I caught a glimpse of something else out of the corner of my eye. It looked very much like a very small part of a human skeleton! It looked like the tiny bones of a small arm with fingers! Panic overtook me, could it be? If so, how did it get there, and who put it there? I was almost too afraid to light another match for the fear of what I might see.

     But, I had to know, if what I thought I saw was in fact a small part of a tiny human arm and fingers. As I struck my third match, I had now moved over closer to what I thought I had seen. When the match illuminated the darkness once, again. I said out loud! 

     "Oh my God!"

     For what I was now, looking at was not only one tiny bone of a hand. I was looking at many bones. In fact, I was even sitting on them! There were tiny bones of hands, legs, and even tiny skulls, all around me. I jumped to my feet screaming!

     “You damn, dirty, extraterrestrial devils!"

     It was now that I realized where I was, and why this was the Forbidden Zone to the prisoners. The ones, The Naphal, had enslaved long ago in The City.

     They had made this their dumping ground for all of the human babies, and children they had murdered over the centuries. The rotten demons did not have enough compassion for the human race to even bury the innocent little ones they had killed for no reason.

     How could any life form have so little regard for another and do this kind of thing? Especially, such, an advanced life form as The Naphal obviously were.

     How could they have so little compassion? To take innocent little children and throw their dead bodies on the ground among the flowers, to hide their evil deeds from the ones that loved them and longed for them back in The City---but, these little ones, would never return to them from the Forbidden Zone.

Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 11 of Janasland: