Due to be published in early 2009

From the back cover:


Was the July 1947 incident in Roswell, New

Mexico a myth or has it been the biggest

government cover-up in the history of the

human race?  Did 2 UFO’s really crash in

the New Mexico desert, and does the U.S.

Government have the remains of those

crashes?  Do they also have entities in

captivity from another world?  Why are they

keeping this information from the world?


The real truth is out there!

Beyond Roswell will be the explosive new novel by Ken Harrelson, based on the celebrated events of July 1947 and beyond.  You won’t want to miss this gripping story that paints more of the picture than has ever been told before.

Beyond Roswell, by Ken Harrelson




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When a young sheriff’s deputy sees what he thinks is an airplane go down in the plains of San Agustin near Soccoro, New Mexico one night in July 1947, he goes out to investigate and lend assistance if necessary. Arriving near the crash site he discovers that it is not an airplane at all but some kind of craft from a place other than Earth; of that much, he’s certain.  He then discovers that there are survivors with this ship. His first thought is to contact the proper authorities, so he gets in touch with the Army Air Command,  based in nearby Roswell. They send a crew out to investigate and here is the moment when the cover-up begins.

The Sergeant in charge of the crash site tells him to keep what he’s seen quiet and that the military will release the story of the incident to the press.  They tell him in such a way that their meaning comes through clear.  Don’t speak about this to anyone.  He is escorted from the site by an armed guard.  The Army Air Command does indeed release a story about a crash, but it is about another one that happened on a sheep ranch near Corona.  No mention is made of the one near Soccoro.  The excitement of this announcement quickly ripples across America until the very next day when it is retracted and the military claims it was an erroneous report.  The object in question was actually a weather balloon which went down, not an outer space craft.

In his determination to get the facts out to the public and knowing that the reconstituted story the military released is nowhere near the truth, the Deputy finds himself running into dead ends at every avenue he uses to try and tell people about what he saw.  After failing in his efforts to convince anyone about the government cover-up, he turns to alcohol and loses himself.



The story jumps ahead to nearly a decade later when a young sailor from the midwest, fresh out of tech school, is selected for a special job.  He is stationed in Georgia at the Glynco Naval Air Station, and it is here that they have housed part of the craft that went down that night near Soccoro in 1947.  His commanding officer in charge of this special project is a Lieutenant Wave.  The young sailor becomes involved with her in a web of sex and lies and finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into the government cover-up surrounding the whole thing.  From his inside position as part of the team involved with the special project, he begins to learn the real truth of why such a cloak of secrecy has been kept on this crash.  Later, aboard the USS Forrestal, anchored about a hundred miles off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia, he witnesses a meeting between President Eisenhower and a lone extraterrestrial.  Their plan for the human race and what their purpose is in the greater scheme of the universe is impressed vividly upon his mind.  He learns all the things that drove the sheriff’s deputy off the deep end back in New Mexico in 1947.

     Find out how this knowledge affects the young, naive sailor from the midwest and also how it impinges on the human race of his future when you read Beyond Roswell.  Due to be available in early 2009.

A more detailed look at the action and events which unfold in Beyond Roswell:

Coming in early 2009!