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Life In The Sticks, by Ken Harrelson

Published April 2003

ISBN: 0-9717689-0-0

94 pages

Price: $9.95


Available at Barnes and, and

from the author for $9.95 plus $2.95 shipping and handling.

Janasland, by Ken Harrelson

Published September 2008

ISBN: 1-60672-858-X

173 pages

Price: $19.95


Janasland is available from and the author. It will also be available soon at Barnes and and wherever books are sold. Include $2.95 for shipping and handling if ordering from the author.

Return Of The Nephilim, by Ken Harrelson

To be published in 2009.


Availibility will be announced.

Beyond Roswell, by Ken Harrelson

To be available in early 2009.


Availibility will be announced.

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Life In The Sticks, Janasland, Beyond Roswell and Return Of The Nephilim are available.

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