Due to be published in 2009

From the back cover:


They were called Nephilim by the ancient Hebrews.

The Sumerians knew them as the Annuaki.

The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans worshipped

them as gods and built statues and temples to them.

The indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere

mimicked the designs of ziggurats and pyramids that

visitors from space had given the people of Egypt and

those in ancient Mesopotamia.

To this day, markers for where their ships landed are

still extant and can be seen.

Early cave dwellers painted representations of these

ships, and asked for blessings from these same gods

to be bestowed on their hunts.

Whatever they may be called in the 21st century,

Return Of The Nephilim will delve into these

controversial issues and many more.

Ken Harrelson originally wrote this non-fiction title in 1999, but it has been newly amended and will be published in 2009 for the first time anywhere. This topic about ancient space travellers has been discussed and criticized in many circles, academic and theological, and is very controversial even today. See how one person has pieced the facts together to make a tale too frightening to ignore.

Return Of The Nephilim, by Ken Harrelson




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