Terror In Tucson - Northern Song

This will detail the sessions Eric Dismuke and myself, (Kenneth Dwain Harrelson), had while recording our first album, Northern Song.  We named our band Terror In Tucson and played all the instruments ourselves.  They were fun sessions and, as you will see, we ended up recording much more material than we could use on one album.  It is my intention to keep adding links so that you will be able to hear every song we recorded, and in that way, get a glimpse into our technique and the fun we had.

Thursday, January 2nd, 1992
Recording:  Instrumental #62, Take 1; Instrumental #63, Take 1; Untitled Instrumental, Take 1 [Working title - The Toad Is Eating Spam (Sitting On A Fat Girl's Thigh)]; She Takes Herself Too Seriously, Takes 1 and 2

    This session marked the true beginning of the Northern Song album, although none of today's recordings made it onto the finished album.  The instrumentals, Instrumental #62, Instrumental #63 and The Toad Is Eating Spam (Sitting On A Fat Girl's Thigh), were recorded in an afternoon session, with Eric playing the drums and Kenny playing electric rhythm guitar.  Onto The Toad Is Eating Spam (Sitting On A Fat Girl's Thigh), Eric added some mostly spoken vocals.  We never went back and finished or added any more parts to if after that.  At an evening session, two takes of She Takes Herself Too Seriously were recorded, with the second take wiping the first take.  Kenny recorded a guide vocal during both takes of this new song he had written.
    These sessions were also videotaped, featuring these songs:
1.  The Toad Is Eating Spam (Sitting On A Fat Girl's Thigh) - Instrumental version
2.  The Toad Is Eating Spam (Sitting On A Fat Girl's Thigh) - Vocal version
3.  She Takes Herself Too Seriously - Rehearsal take, break down
4.  She Takes Herself Too Seriously - Take 1
5.  She Takes Herself Too Seriously - Take 2
6.  Hogan's Heroes Theme

7.  Reggae jamming
8.  Chuck Berry riff
9.  Eric on guitar
10. Untitled Instrumental
11. Eric on guitar

Eric on drums

Kenny playing guitar

Eric recording vocals for "The Toad Is Eating Spam (Sitting On A Fat Girl's Thigh)"

Saturday, January 4th, 1992

Recording:  Album Song #7, Takes 3-5.
    A nightime session recording three proper takes of Album Song #7, a song that had been demo'd on November 11th, 1991.  Each successive take wiped the previous one.  Eric played the snare drum, rim and cymbals, while Kenny played the bass drum, bass guitar and acoustic rhythm guitar.  The track was speeded up slightly on playback.  A reduction mix was made the next day to allow for more parts to be recorded.

Sunday, January 5th, 1992

Recording:  Overdub onto Album Song #7, Take 5.
    An electric guitar part and guitar solo was added to Take 5 of Album Song #7 by Kenny.

Sunday, January 12th, 1992

Recording:  Overdubs onto Album Song #7, Take 5.
    Another night session which finally saw Eric's lead vocals and Kenny's two backup vocal parts being overdubbed on the reduction mix of Album Song #7.  Also, a short electric guitar fill was added by Kenny.  With all the parts finished, the song was mastered and proclaimed suitable for release.  It was eventually chosen to open side one of the Northern Song album.  A good rocker to start with.

Tuesday, January 14th, 1992

Recording:  I'm Your Neighbor Hood, Take 1.  Overdubs onto Won't Get Fooled Again, Take 3, and If I Loved You, Take 1.
    A studio version of a song that had been written by Eric Dismuke and Kenneth Dwain Harrelson a few years previously.  Eric played the snare drum and Kenny played an electric guitar.  A reduction mix from the two-track tape of Won't Get Fooled Again, Take 3, (incorrectly identified as Take 1), from June 17th, 1991 was made onto four-track, (which consisted of electric rhythm guitar and lead vocals), and onto it was added acoustic rhythm guitar and drums, both played by Kenny.  Another reduction mix of this was made and onto that tape was added bass guitar and lead guitar, both played by Kenny.
    A reduction mix of the original tape of If I Loved You, Take 1, (which was recorded on October 27th, 1991 on two-track tape and included only electric rhythm guitar and vocals), was made and onto it was added an acoustic guitar part, drums and bass guitar.  The bass guitar wiped the original electric rhythm guitar part.  A reduction mix of this was made and onto it was added a high harmony vocal and another acoustic guitar, both by Kenny.  When the version of If I Loved You, Take 11, which was recorded on May 14th, 1992 for the Northern Song album could not be finished, the version of Take 1 after the intial reduction mix from two-track tape to four-track tape was pulled out, a new bass guitar part added and a new reduction mix was made; (onto the master tape for side two of the Northern Song album.)  That second reduction mix was left unused.  Onto this new reduction mix was added a new high harmony vocal, lead guitar and bass drum, all performed by Kenny.  (See June 9th, 1992 for more information on If I Loved You, Take 11 and why it was not used.)

Wednesday, January 15th, 1992

Recording:  Overdubs onto Your Love Is Like A Nuclear Waste, Take 3.
    Onto the original four-track tape of lead vocals by Eric and acoustic rhythm guitar by Kenny, (recorded on September 30th, 1990), was added two different electric rhythm guitar parts.  A reduction mix of this was made, leaving the acoustic guitar out of the mix.  Onto this new mix was added a drum part and a bass drum part.  Another reduction mix was made and onto this was added a bass guitar part, one bleep and explosion sound effects at the end.