Kenneth Dwain Harrelson

Ken Harrelson was my dad.  I was his graphic artist and webmaster and I maintain his site so that, as a writer, he won't be forgotten.  I also write and have some of my books listed below.

The Wizard Of Destiny, an historical-fantasy about a teenage boy named Alfred who goes to visit his local wizard, named Simon, and through a strange quirk of events, becomes the great Wizard's apprentice.  At first, the lad has doubts as to his abilities to learn everything he will be taught.  And to compound matters further, their King requires the need of his Wizard just then for a dangerous quest of great importance.  With a Friar to accompany them, they begin a journey that thrusts young Alfred into an important and hazardous time in his young life.

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The Wizard Of Destiny, by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson
ISBN:  1-59824-022-6
Library of Congress control number:  2005927276
Published:  May 2005
Published by:  E-BookTime, LLC
374 pages

Set during the Great Depression, This Paradise tells the oft-told tale of humanity's search for greener pastures and a better way of life.  A drifter, who's heard there is work in California, finds himself taking small jobs from town to town as he works his way westward.  When a small husband and wife farm becomes his next stop, he finds that there are others who long for more out of life, as well.  Through no persuasion on his part, the wife, in her quest for something better than what a failing farm can offer, decides that she wants to go west with the drifter.  When her husband finds out, it all comes to a head and the farmer learns all about unfulfilled desires.  In his efforts to please his wife, he builds her a gazebo, hoping to win back her love.  Will he be successful, or can any of these three ever really find what they're looking for?

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This Paradise, by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson
ISBN:  978-1-61582-090-0  (hardcover)
ISBN:  1-60703-162-0  (paperback)
Published:  November 2008
Published by:  Publish America, LLLP
116 pages

The delightful tale of a good dog named Toby who gets to go on a lot of fun adventures.  For young children of all ages!

Toby Goes To The Zoo, by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson
Written:  1996
First Published:  1998
24 pages